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    Wonder how Facebook will make money? Have no fear.

    Recent article in TechCrunch explains how Facebook can hit $30B to $40B in just a few years

    1. Advertising $10B - easily cutting a big slice off the huge spend on TV commercials

    2. Credits & Payments $12B - the digital version of Amex rewards and frequent flier points + PayPal like payments + cut of commerce via partnership with Amazon

    3. Games $3B - skim their cut from big name game providers who plug into the FB platform

    4. Daily Deals $10B - no brainer replacement for Groupon when each Company/brand can offer daily deals to their Fans anytime they want

    5. Email/voice/video inbox $1B - fees for extra storage and calls

    6. Photos $1B - more photos on FB than any other site, so why not sell custom print packages like Snapfish or Shutterfly


    Google ad irony squared #googlefail

    As reported by Media Post's Online Media Daily, Google is being sued for using a copyright image of an inflatable gorilla without the owner's permission (Scherba Industries) in print ads that I wrote about here.

    Talk about a double whammy. Not only are they using print ads to promote online advertising via Adwords but now they get sued for using a copyright image. Plus these are some of the worst ads I've seen - tons of copy, weird layout, the tiniest of coupon codes.

    Who is Google's ad agency so I can make a note to not use them?


    This just in, most people have nothing to say @Forrester

    Forrester just released research that the percentage of consumers creating content on the Web has leveled off over the past few years at 23%.

    Honestly that seems high to me compared to the roughly 10% of my Facebook friends who actually post even a simple update more than once a month. Let's face it, the vast majority of people are "lurkers."

    Some reasons for the low percentage could be:

    1. people are boring and don't have interesting things to contribute so they keep quiet
    2. people are lazy and don't want to take the time to create and post content
    3. people start creating content then get bored or see lack of response and quit
    4. people are concerned about privacy so they don't share much online
    5. people are late adopters and many haven't crossed the chasm yet

    Photo credit to Hugh MacLeod @gapingvoidart


    My new favorite app is @Evernote. What took me so long to check this out? #fan

    Just started using Evernote last week and am already enjoying the benefits. Helps me easily keep track of work and personal projects. Love how it syncs across all my computers and mobile phone.

    If you waste time keeping To Do lists or meeting notes on paper then this is the app for you (@reganebert).


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